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Sewer problems can be nasty and need immediate fixing. Suffolk County plumbing companies are aware of the different problems faced by homeowners due to sewer problems. Thus, you will find many companies offering sewer services or sewer emergency services, dedicated in helping people deal with sewer problems.

It needs to be understood that most drains of any home lead to the main sewer line. If this line develops a problem, your whole house will be affected. In such a situation, the scenario might change totally in a few hours and become bad to worse. Thus, it is advised that homeowners need to be a bit aware and keep an eye for various sewer problems, so that any problem is detected in advance or a lot of time isn't spent in fixing it.

Sewer pipe problems are of different types, but whatever the problem is, its signs are easily noticeable. It is important not to ignore these signs and get in touch with Suffolk County plumbing company so that they can be fixed quickly. Here are some common warning signs which shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Unusual Sounds – If you hear a continuous sound of running water, it means problem with the sewer line. You need to quickly check if all the faucets are off. The toilet needs to be checked as well because most water drains out through the continuously running toilet. If there is sound of water trickling overhead or in walls, it might be due to leaks in the sewer system. It should be fixed before it is too late.
  • Floor Moist – Whenever there is a sewer related problem, the floor feels moist and spongy. It might appear to be harmless in the beginning, but such a feeling shouldn’t be ignored. This is often caused due to seeping water through the plumbing connections. This water seepage damages and discolors the internal flooring. Besides, your plumbing system is also damaged which can be quite expensive to repair later on.
  • Stink – If there is an unpleasant odor or smell around the plumbing system, it is often a sign of damaged sewer lines. There might be mildew or mold thriving in the damp spots of your property. Leaking sewer lines often create a comfortable breeding ground for bacteria. This smell might also emanate from the faulty leakage in the garden area. Sewer overflow causes this stink which is not just bad for the plumbing system but can damage your property as well.
  • Signs of Cracks – If you get to see different signs of cracks in your home foundation, it might be due to moving ground or soil caused due to the presence of dripping sewer lines. With time water starts pooling around the leakage areas. This saturates the soil and starts damaging the integrity of the structure. Once this happens, it can affect your whole property. The problem usually begins with cracks in the patios, along the driveways and also concrete sidewalks. So, never ignore if you notice such kind of cracks in your property because it is a sign of a graver problem.

Clogged drains are one of the most common problems in sewer lines. Though, you need not call your plumber every time you face such a problem because minor clogs can be fixed at home easily. In fact, with a little care, you can prevent the occurrence of such clogs and also fix the existing problem.

Causes of Clogged Drains:

Clogging can occur anywhere – the most common area for clogging is bathroom. Suffolk County plumbing problems receive several calls daily for clogged drains. Such clogging is often caused due to dirt, hair and skin flakes blocking the pipes. Often hair binds the soap scum just on the walls of drain pipes. If this happens for a long time, it starts accumulating and begins to reduce the water flow. If it is not removed on time, the clog can cause immense blockage in the entire pipe.

How to remove drain clogs:

One easy way to solve the problem of clogged drain is to remove the drain stopper. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can try using the drain plunger which is quite effective.  In case you notice that in spite of using the plunger, the problem is not solving, you can then slowly remove the elbow joint. You can quickly clean it. The drain stoppers can be easily cleaned with no additional training. Cleaning the drain stoppers help in preventing clogs. If clogging is a regular problem, it is recommended to use a hair-strainer which will work as a drain cover. This drain cover traps the hair before it moves down the drain. If nothing works, call your Suffolk County plumbing company.

Prevention of Clogged Drains:

Cleaning clogged drains is not enough. You need to prevent the clog from occurring. If this is not done, despite getting the clog removed by professionals, you will have it again. To prevent such occurrences of clogs, you need to understand what causes these clogs. These clogs are usually caused when certain products are flushed down the pipes. These products cannot flow and hence the block the path of liquid. Such products which cause drain blockage include feminine hygiene products, diaper wipes, dental floss and cotton-tipped swabs. If you engage Suffolk County plumbing professionals, they will easily explain why these products can lead to clogged drains and what you can do to prevent such clogs.

The best way to ensure the health of your plumbing system is to have it maintained on a regular basis. You can hire a reputed company which provides a gamut of relevant services and engages professionals. Do not forget to check if the company provides emergency services, in case you face an emergency. With regular maintenance any problem which can turn into a great difficulty will be detected early. Thus, it will save not only additional problems but some extra costs as well.

Though there are many Suffolk County plumbing companies, it is important to select a company which is experienced and provides all services which you need.